How to Apply for Arts Council Funding

I will be delivering a webinar with The Literary Consultancy and Sarah Crowne (Director of Literature at Arts Council England).

7 Jan 2021; 5-7pm

This webinar will help you understand Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice, each of which offers an opportunity for writers to fund their work and expand their practice. It will summarise the benefits and drawbacks of each, and help you approach a funding application with confidence. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What Arts Council England funding is available to writers, who is eligible, and how to decide whether to apply
  • The basics of the Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice funds, and which is better for you
  • How to think like an Arts Council assessor when writing an application
  • How to summarise and clarify your aims, and communicate these effectively
  • The nuts and bolts of the application itself.

There will be a presentation and talk, a Q&A, and some activities to help you start to plot the specifics of your application. 

Click here for more information and to reserve your free place.

2 replies on “How to Apply for Arts Council Funding”

Dear Sam,

I am an unpublished author, winner of the SI Leeds Literary Prize 2020 for my novel The Funeral Cryer. I have an agent, and I am working on the editorial notes at the moment.

I am also writing a new novel, but it is very hard for me to find time. I am thinking about applying for some Arts Council Funding – Sandra Jensen kindly recommended you to me.

I work as a part-time teacher in two schools and my annual salary is just over £30,000. Do I need to give up my jobs before I apply for the Arts Council Funding. I know the funding would be less than my income. However, time is the most important thing for me.

Please advise.

Best regards,



Hello Wenyan,

Thank you for your question and congratulations on all the success you’ve had with developing your writing. I’m thrilled to hear it.

Arts Council funding is not means tested in any way, so there would be no need to give up your existing work in order to apply. It is best to think of ACE as an investor in the arts landscape of England. They want to help new work be made and connect with audiences. However, as with any investor, there are specific things you have to be doing in order to make the investment worth it for them. These are generally around sharing the process or learning with other writers, and understanding where your work sits in the market. With an agent and soon to be published book, I think you’d have a good chance of funding.

I’d be very happy to help you with a funding application if that would be useful to you. Do just drop me an email on if you’d like to discuss your project.


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