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Writing When Ill

Tools for writing, no matter what!Guest Post by Sandra Jensen As I wrote in my previous blog, there are many impediments to writing with a chronic illness. I am very lucky my version of ME/CFS is not so severe that I’m constantly bed-bound, but it still has a profound effect on my writing practice. Yes, […]

How to Apply for Arts Council Funding

I will be delivering a webinar with The Literary Consultancy and Sarah Crowne (Director of Literature at Arts Council England). 7 Jan 2021; 5-7pm This webinar will help you understand Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice, each of which offers an opportunity for writers to fund their work and expand their practice. It will summarise the benefits and […]

Strengthen your Arts Council application

I have read lots of draft applications for funding to Arts Council England. They may have been for the various different pots of money – from the old Artist Development Funds and Grants for the Arts, to the current Developing Your Creative Practice and Project Grants funds – but there are common errors that crop […]

Allow me to introduce myself

Hello. I’m Sam, and this is You’re Writing Launchpad. Trust is important when you are investing in your writing. So I’d like to tell you a bit about me.

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