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Writing workshops to help you get started, and keep going with your writing.

What can you learn today?

High-quality writing workshops, online and in person. These workshops are relaxed, engaging, active, and designed to offer prompts and exercises to help writers get started or overcome hurdles in their writing.

All delivered on a pay what you can basis.


I will shortly be announcing once a month online workshops on the below topics. All will be pay what you can, and last 2.5 hours.

Writing Your Life

An introduction to life-writing, featuring writing exercises, conversation, and textual study.

Editing Skills

Takes the writer through key tools to bring the best out of a text. From defining the author’s intentions and priorities, to condensing and sculpting, we look at how you can work with an author to maximise the impact of plot, pacing, and dialogue, and characterisation.

Writing Fiction

Prompts and exercises to help writers think afresh about their work and allow imagination to ease free of that nagging critical voice.


For more information, or to book a workshop for your writers, contact me here.